Permanent Cosmetics Courses

Courses Available:

Permanent Cosmetics I: Fundamentals & Basic Procedures – $2,900.00

5-day training includes learning the fundamentals of the art of permanent cosmetics. This information-packed class includes step-by-step instructions, hands on procedures and live demonstrations of permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip liner procedures. Lecture covers health considerations, color selections, insurance, general application, tips for beginning technicians, consultation topics, communication, and procedure techniques. We provide you with on-going technical support after graduation to ensure you master the skills necessary to become successful in your new career. Upon graduation, you will receive a Starter Kit + Machine to get your career in Permanent Cosmetics started right away.
To learn more about the Microblading Course, please click here.
Permanent Cosmetics II: Advanced Procedures – $2,500.00
Pre-Requisite Course: Permanent Cosmetics I; 1-Year in Practic
2-day training includes step-by-step instruction of applying full lips, eye lash enhancing and mucosal lining. You will also learn techniques for non-lasering tattoo removal.
Masters Certification in Permanent Cosmetics –  $2,500.00
Pre-Requisite Course: Permanent Cosmetics I & II; Specialty Hands-On Clinic, Bloodborne Pathogens Certification or equivalent education/experience.
This course is required to become an Instructor.
The Masters Certification provides you with industry recognized credentials that show you are an esthetic and technical leader in the field of permanent cosmetics. Technicians will also learn additional procedures including: Blush, Eye Shadow, and Paramedical Cosmetics. Candidates for the Masters Certification Exam are required to perform procedures in the practical portion of the board exam. The hands-on testing of your skill is unique in the industry and affords your customers confidence that you are truly qualified to perform procedures at the highest level of expertise.